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Although Arden Playhouse has closed, this site has saved some glimpses into the fun and funny shows presented by the theater. On the various Season pages you can read more about these plays. Some have links to video promos and (for plays written by Michael Messmer) video clips from the shows.

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Nearly half the shows produced at Arden Playhouse were written by Messmer. A current catalog of his comedies (in PDF) can be downloaded which includes contact information for those interested in producing one of his plays. This is a collection of over 30 comedies (Witty Wacky Plays) that are easy to produce with relatively small casts (more female than male roles). All require a single set (usually with several entrance points) and are set in the current era (easy to costume and furnish). Most of the language would rate a PG in a movie.

They are in the tradition of the Marx Brothers, Lucille Ball, Red Skelton and Carol Burnett. In other words: good, clean fun.

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