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Arden Playhouse Presents...

Have a Nice Day

Written and Directed by Michael Messmer

What would you do if you’d spent months of back-breaking labor on the most important project of your life only to have someone shows up ready to demolish what you’ve built?

Amanda and Marv Dillon moved west to build their dream home (actually just a cabin in the mountains) and get away from all the rules and regulations of urban society. Although they don’t know anything about construction, they’ve been working for months building their new home. They’ve had help from Jo, a local contractor who is a taskmaster and has an endless supply of old sayings to keep the couple working. The job is so hard and frustrating that they’ve started giving names...not always nice names...to the sewer tiles, plasterboard and other things they’ve broken. But, in the process, they’ve become very attached to and proud of what they’ve accomplished.

Then they get a visit from Bobby and Tina, a brother and sister who are also the local building inspectors...and things get complicated very fast. For one thing, it turns out there is a bit of bad history between Tina and Jo. For another, it turns out that Jo doesn’t have a contractor’s license.
Although Jo has enough experience with Tina to know that the inspection can get ugly, it isn’t until Tina and Bobby start destructive testing that Amanda and Marv become alarmed. First, Marv has a painful encounter with Tina when he tries to stop Bobby from drilling in the sewer leach line he has just completed. But, when it appears that Tina is going to attack some of the sheetrock that Amanda has finally learned to install without breaking, Amanda acts to protect her walls and her home in a very dramatic way that turns everything upside down.

This warm and funny look at who we are and what our world has become opens on Friday, April 25th and continues on Friday and Saturday nights at 8pm through May 31st with Sunday shows at 2pm on May 11th and 18th.

Admission $15.00 with advance reservation.
Regular Admission at the door $18.00

For tickets call (916) 332-2582

Please be prepared to pay for your ticket(s) with CASH or CHECK.
We are not set up for credit card transactions, at this time.


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